Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Bangladesh
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Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Bangladesh

Rooh Afza Slide Show
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রুহ আফজা লেমন ২০১০





রুহ আফজা লাচ্ছি ২০১০



রুহ আফজা মিল্কশেক ২০১০



রুহ আফজা ফালুদা ২০১০



রুহ আফজা পিংক লেডি ২০১০



রুহ আফজা কোলাডা ২০১০



রুহ আফজা ফ্রুট ত্রুাস ২০১০



রুহ আফজা স্মুদি ২০১০



রুহ আফজা চকলেট মিল্ক ২০১০



রুহ আফজা শরবত ২০১০



Heavenly Elixir and The best moniker Sharbat Rooh Afza
(Ref. The Saveur, USA, Number 99, Feb 2007)
Tommy Miah visited Handard Bangladesh Office, He meets with Rooh Afza
World Class Chef Tommy Miah signs contract with Hamdard Bangladesh for promoting Rooh Afza in various dishes and forms in the presence of the Managing Director and Directors.
Director Information and Public Relation (Kazi Mansur-ul-Huq) signs contract making Tommy Miah official ambassador of Hamdard Bangladesh in the presence of Managing Director (Hakim Md. Yousuf Haroon Bhuiyan) other Directors and officials.

 The deal has been made. Tommy Miah the official ambassador of Hamdard Bangladesh. Tommy Miah hands over contract to the Managing Director (Hakim Md. Yousuf Haroon Bhuiya).
Managing Director (Hakim Md. Yousuf Haroon Bhuiyan) Hamdard Bangladesh and all Directors meet with Tommy Miah.
Refreshing Drink Rooh Afza Made by Tommy Miah tested by The Managing Director (Hakim Md. Yousuf Haroon Bhuiyan), Director Markting (Mr. and Mrs. Rafiqul Islam) Director Information & Public Relation (Mr. Kazi Mansur-Ul-Huq) of Hamdard Bangladesh
Mrs. Aisha Siddiqa wife of Managing Director Hamdard Bangladesh (Middle), Receives the menu for Tommy Miah Corporate Night (BCFCC), on her right, Mrs.Shanaz Islam wife of Director Marketing, on her left, Mrs. Takrima Yesmin Jhumur wife of Director Information & Public Relation.
Tommy Miah makes Drink Rooh Afza Smoothie.
Preparing Glazed Pineapple with Rooh Afza.
World Class Chef Tommy Miah with world class Refreshing Drink Rooh Afza.
Tommy Miah at Hamdard Bangladesh head office kitchen making RoohAfza Chili sauce on 12 October 2008